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SavorWe’s mission is to bring everyone back to the table. We do it by sharing and preparing amazingly fresh, personalized meals by our talented chefs, in the comfort of your own home.

SavorWe started as a way to reconnect friends and family over great meals. The name of our company comes from our unrelenting desire to help you Savor your time with family and friends. We all need more time like this. 

With today’s hectic lifestyles, finding the time to plan, shop and prep a healthy, delicious meal has become harder and harder. But it doesn’t have to be. Forget expensive meal kits or soggy delivery food, SavorWe connects busy people with trained chefs and elevates dinner.

Using a simple, smart mobile application and web site, you can learn to prepare restaurant-quality meals, or just kick back and let someone else prepare a feast. We have developed an industry first, Food Bytes Insights™, to help you pick amazing meal experiences that are prepared especially for you by our exceptional group of SavorWe chefs. The more we learn about your likes and dislikes, your personality and food choices, the better SavorWe is able to sit you at a wonderful table of food to share.

We are SavorWe, a completely new and exciting way to learn to cook your favorite foods or have them prepared for you all while creating memories with family and friends that you will savor in the comfort of your own home. So please,
Grab Your Plate! 

Meet the team

Alex Campbell - Founder & CEO

Alex began his career at Accenture in their Mobility practice as part of the larger Accenture Digital group. During his time at Accenture, as a Senior Digital Analyst, he concentrated on all areas of application delivery. His worked focused on functional requirement development, user stories, acceptance testing and client facing presentations. He gained industry experience working in the utilities and agriculture industries across clients in Australia, Brazil and the United States. He worked with the agile as well as the hybrid development methodologies. Alex is a graduate of Marquette University with degrees in Finance and Entrepreneurship. He is a self-taught chef with a passion for cooking and entertaining. Alex also enjoys other hobbies such as basketball, hockey and traveling. 



Nupur Shrinet - Data Science Specialist

Nupur began her career at India’s central bank as a Credit Specialist. During her time, there she focused on deriving meaningful insights out of credit data and built propensity models for proactive customer targeting and retention. Her work also focused on algorithm development to mitigate fraud in credit card transactions. She is currently pursuing her masters from Illinois Institute of Technology in Data Analytics. Nupur is a certified Alteryx and Tableau expert. She is also a digital analytics professional and has been certified by Google in Google Analytics and Google Ads. She has a passion for cooking and enjoys traveling.

Yang Xiang - Data Science Specialist

Yang is currently a Graduate Student Major in Data Science at The University of Chicago. He is from Shanghai, China. Before graduate school, he worked at Hostelworld in both Shanghai and Dublin as a Market Analyst.  His work focuses on market research, data analyst and provides onsite consulting services for hotels and hostels in India, Japan, and China. With a background in Finance and Statistics, Yang delivers insights from the data. He is a food enthusiast and actively learning to cook during the quarantine. He is also a backpacker who has traveled to over 15 countries during his leisure time.

Lauren Beck - Analyst

Lauren is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Information Systems at Boston College’s Carroll School of Management, along with a minor in Hispanic Studies. She recently completed her sophomore year. She is interested in technology and its continued application to everyday life, and as a self-proclaimed foodie, she is very excited to be working at a company like SavorWe in her hometown of Chicago. In her free time, Lauren likes to read, ride horses, and spend time with her friends and family.

Alena Balassa - Analyst

Alena is currently a rising senior at New Trier High School and is applying to many undergraduate business schools in the fall. She is interested in pursuing a strong business foundation. She is thrilled to be working at a company like SavorWe because of the numerous opportunities to be exposed to many aspects of business  marketing, analytics, and technology. In her free time, Alena enjoys trying new restaurants in the Chicago area, as well as playing lacrosse and poker!

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