What is SavorWe?

SavorWe is an exciting, unique food experience launching in Chicago soon.

We believe in creating stronger bonds, making memories and bringing people back to the dinner table. We believe in experiences. We do this by bringing fresh food, hand-picked chefs and unique menu options right into your home. We bring the experience to you. 

SavorWe is the new affordable way to entertain like never before. Nothing has ever been this easy. Relax while your chef works their magic or level up your culinary skills with a private cooking class. 

Savor new experiences. 

We want you to Savor every meal.

Be honest; when was the last time you actually savored a home-cooked meal? We mean really tasted and enjoyed your meal completely.

SavorWe is bringing the experience of preparing and eating a healthy meal into your home without grocery shopping, prep or messy clean up. All you need to do is gather in your kitchen, learn to cook your favorite foods or have them prepared for you. 

Using proprietary analytics and insights, we help you select chefs and menus that will suit your specific tastes. With our help, you will create lasting memories around your table with friends and family that you will truly Savor.

The SavorWe experience...

Choose your meal

Every chef's skills are different, just like every diner's tastes are unique. By pairing chefs and meals with your specific tastes, we create unique food experiences. The more meals & experiences you share with us, the better we understand the meals you love.

Book your experience

Our process is simple and convenient: Choose to learn how to cook a desired meal or have it prepared for you by a SavorWe chef; select the time of your experience; connect with your chef to finalize your meal details; and invite some friends and family to join you.

Enjoy your night

At the time of your experience, your chef will come prepared with all the ingredients to cook, teach and entertain your group. All you need to do is enjoy the company of your friends and family, and have an appetite to learn, eat and relax!

What our customers
are saying

SavorWe creates a unique cooking experience

For you

Take away the stress of cooking and host a memorable night. SavorWe pairs you with a talented chef who has hand-crafted menus to choose from & can be adjusted to your dietary restrictions. All you need is a basic kitchen setup, nothing fancy. You then have the option of relaxing or learning new culinary skills right in the comfort of your own home. 

& for chefs

Lover of food, skilled and passionate? As a chef, SavorWe motivates you to do what you love. You will be preparing meals or teaching our food loving customers hand-crafted menus you created. If you are looking for a new way to share your passion or getting your side-hustle on, we would love to have you on our team. 

We believe in making memories, creating stronger bonds and bringing you back to the dinner table. We believe in experiences. Our mission is to bring an affordable experience right to your home.  

Savor new experiences.  


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